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Uusi Ancient Ceremonies zine + CD ladattavissa!

ISSUE 15 108 PAGES + CD NOT FINDING A PRINTED VERSION NEAR YOU? SIMPLY CLICK ON ONE OF THE BELOW LINKS TO DOWNLOAD IT!! MAGAZINE + CD (112 MB - PDF + MP3 160kbps) http://www.ancientceremonies.com/issue15_zip.php MAGAZINE (25 MB – PDF) http://www.ancientceremonies.com/issue15_pdf.php INFORMATION: Printed version: English written, Glossy paper, 4.000 copies Online version: in PDF & MP3 (160 kbps) INTERVIEWS / FEATURES: Deicide, Krypt, Testament, Exciter, Septic Flesh, In Tha Umbra, Darkspace, Sombres Forêts, Textures, Root, For Ruin, Disloyal, The Arcane Order, Graveyard, Melencolia Estatica, Spearhead, Maleficum Orgia, Obtest, Peaceville Records - Special Reissues, Mourning Beloveth, Homselvareg, Total Hate, Warmaster, Sinoath, Sideblast, Hate, The Scourger, Pest, Spite Extreme Wing, Thanatoschizo, Hate Eternal, Sathanas, Draconian, Xerión, The One, Flesh, Lyrinx, Belphegor. REGULARS: Reviews (albums, demos, dvd) Compilation CD Live Reports COMPILATION CD: ancient ceremonies compila